Sunday, November 7, 2010

Navy Blues

We decided to wear navy blue jackets. I wore a military jacket from Zara; a dress that I turned into a top, bought at Greenhills for just around 120php; denim shorts; and my favorite silver NJ sneaks from BACKSTAGE. My bag is a Tommy Hilfiger one that my mum passed on to me because it's so used and abused.haha But i still love it.
Nico wore a classic blazer, a Rocha John Rocha brown printed shirt, denim shorts, and navy blue Vans. His bag was an awesome find at SM Hypermart. It's really cheap compared to most bags. There was this similar bag at EGG, but a bit pricey... It was really nice, but since Nico was looking for a bag for school (and therefore there's a huge possibility that paint might get on it haha), he chose the cheaper one.

More pictures taken in FA. We hung out there while waiting for the office lunch break to finish.

Pictures of us having lunch at the FA parking lot. 
So that was Day 2 of our enrollment! Stay tuned for pictures from Nico taken at CONQUER.:)

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