Friday, November 12, 2010

Lunch at Bubble Tea

Woke up at 6:15 am. Fixed my things for school, ate a light breakfast, took a shower, 
put on some clothes, and I'm ready to go. But I wasn't going to school yet. 
Me and and my parents went to my tito's house in San Juan to pick up something
and we also went to Mandaluyong to pick up something. HAHA. After that, we went to 
SM Megamall to eat lunch. My mom was craving for Bubble Tea that morning.
We were supposed to eat at Burgoo in Greenhills but mom really wanted to 
eat in Bubble Tea. So we went to Megamall and ate here! :>
And it was my first time to eat there. :D
(Photos taken by me! :D)

Mommy's Japanese Green milk tea.
She really likes this. Me and my dad are not really fans of 
green teas so we didn't liked it. HAHA

My lemon black tea~ :D It's their version of iced tea. Tastes good. :D
It has a lot of tapioca pearls or sago in it. You can add more bubbles and pearls
to any of the drinks in Bubble Tea. But I'm not really sure how much. I forgot the price. :P 

Dad ordered Tofu Steak. It's a lightly breaded soft tofu cooked
in sweet soy sauce and mixed veggies. It's really delicious and the tofu 
is really soft. It costs P165 and it's worth the price! 
The tofus are a bit big and it's good for 2-3 people.

My Samurai Chicken! Crispy chicken coated with special
samurai sauce. I have no idea what's samurai sauce. But it tastes 
really gooooooood. It's a bit salty though. But overall it's okay.

Their Japanese plain rice. Costs around P45 pesos.
Can't exactly tell what's the difference of this and the regular rice we eat.
But it's tastes okay. :)

Mom ordered Tonkatsu Curry. It's a Japanese style sweet and mild spicy
curry sauce topped on breaded pork cutlet with rice and egg. 
A very satisfying meal for only P195! ;)
I loved it when my mom gave me a spoonful of this. It's really clever
how they incorporated their Japanese touch into this Indian delicacy. 

We ordered this because we got curious when we saw it on the menu. Mom knows this because 
before she worked in Japan as a choreographer and dancer so she knew
Japan's culture and cuisine. This is an okonomiyaki, a Japanese omelet and it is one 
of my mom's favorite dishes. But here in Bubble Tea, it is a pizza style dish! Cool right?
It is a batter wrapped around meat and veggies, topped with mayonnaise. 

This is served with 2 side dishes of veggie salads. :) It costs around P215. Very delicious!

Bubble Tea ~~~ ( ゚▽゚)

Photo by mom

One happy and satisfied customer! ♥
Will go back to Bubble Tea soon to try other stuff in their menu!
Kussen, Nico. ☺ 

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