Tuesday, November 9, 2010

CONQUER 11.5.10 | Solo photos

Solo photos of us! YAY

Nikki wore a unique gray top and black skirt that she all bought in Freyja Shoppe on Multiply. 
Gosh, her cute top is only 350Php! And her pair of shoes are also from an 
online shop on Multiply, I.SAW.DESIGN. Bag is thrifted. 
Nikki loves to shop online and always finds satisfaction from her great finds. 

Kim wore an acid wash denim dress from Greenhills with a navy blue cardigan from Kashieca.
Her neon pink shoes, which I love is a from a thrift shop. Super nice find! 

Ia had on a black tube dress from Topshop with a YRYS navy blue blazer.
Her cute ruffled pink shoes is from a Korean shop and bag bought from a bazaar.

Leigh wore a sando from London. A pasalubong from her mom. Her stencil skirt is from
Landmark, shoes from Rusty Lopez and a nice bag from Jap store. 
Her bag looks expensive but actually it's really cheap.It only costs 60Php.

Chella on a tube from Moonshine, skirt from Topshop, striped blazer from Forever21,
a bag from Primadona, and shoes from People are People.

I wore a classic navy blue blazer, Rocha John Rocha brown printed shirt from HK,
denim shorts, and navy blue new era Vans. This is the same outfit from our previous post,
Navy Blues. Party after enrollment! Oh yeah. HAHA

Kussen, Nico ☺

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