Tuesday, November 9, 2010

CONQUER 11.5.10

My friends and I decided to go to CONQUER. A party held in The Fort at the Mini Global City showroom.
The tickets costs around 250Php and it's inclusive with unlimited shots of cocktails and beer.
It's so funny because I'm we were first ones to register that night. I was number 1 in the list! HAHA
My friends were like, "OMG, early birds. Ewwww". They're so maarte talaga. 
Haha, anyway, the party was fun. At first I didn't get to dance that much because my bag 
was so heavy 'cause I was from UP when we went to Conquer. I brought my book and my
lunch and water tumbler so my bag's pretty heavy :P 


The DJ!

Apparently, she was the friend of my friend and batch mate in UP-CFA,
Bern Cruz. It was surprising when Bern called me while I was dancing! Haha.
And thanks to Bern I had a place to leave my bag! YAY. 
Left it beside the dj's table. 

Picture with the DJ! If I'm not mistaken, i know her name is Marga.
I couldn't really understand what she was saying when I asked her name.
The music was very loud and the people were screaming.

Saw my cousin Kevin there. His dad didn't allow him to come to Conquer
but all thanks to me, his parents changed their minds. His mom, my tita
called me and asked if I was going too. So because of me going, he was allowed too.

Show stopper. A guy break dancing in front of the crowd.

A girl who caught my attention because of the studs on her top.
I love her outfit. :) Her name's Sam Espinosa.

Cute bartenders giving us shots of cocktails! 

One of the cute bartenders roaming around with shots of cocktails. 

These girls were dancing the night away and took a picture 
of them for being cute and wild! 

Who wouldn't be happy with these two hotties serving beer for the night?

Nikki, Ia, me, Leigh, and Kim. Thanks Chella for taking this picture! 
We're sweating like pigs, but still we manage to take a good photo. Teehee :)

Unlimited shots of cocktails. I didn't drink much because it's just been 
4 days since I got out of the hospital. :p

A picture with my friends' schoolmate from CCA and the photographer
of the event, Thirdy Dolatre.

Outside the showroom and upclose with the mini coopers outside.
It was really hot inside because of the sweat of the people and it caused the 
glass windows to moist. Even my camera was a victim of the heat!
It wouldn't focus because the lens was moistening too.

A break in 7-eleven near the showroom of Mini Global City.
Chella and a girl that blew me away with her shiny blue dress. I asked her
If could take a picture and she said yes, obviously. Hahaha.

Fierce beckies. Saw them walking to Encore and I didn't hesitate to take
a picture of them. At first it was embarrassing to ask total strangers to ask if I 
could take pictures of them but after a few yeses from people, I got the hang of it.

Met this sweet girl from the parking lot. She borrowed something from me and in 
exchange I took a photo of her. I love her outfit especially
the metallic print on her top and her pink skirt.


Went to Eastwood around 12:30 because it's really hot inside the showroom to 
the extent that it's hard to breathe. HAHA Arte much?
Ate at Persian Kebab and stayed at the condo lobby of the lolo of Ia
and Chella in Eastwood Excelsior.
SUPER FUN! Will party soon! <3

Kussen, Nico ☺

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