Saturday, January 8, 2011

A day of remembering.

(c) Clark Diño

 On me: Shirt from Nike, F&H low rise skinny jeans, sunglasses, 
my cousin's new era cap,topsiders from Ever, and a messenger bag from Benetton.

(c) Vangie Macabuhay
My dog, Num-nums ☺

(c) Vangie Macabuhay

Papa's flowers.

Bought a BB for my birthday :) It's an early birthday present for myself. 

Hello, Papa! ♥

It was Papa's 13th death anniversary last Jan. 5 but we were too busy that day so we decided to go on the 8th instead. Me and my family went there to eat lunch and pray the rosary, a tradition that we do when it's either All Soul's day, Papa's birthday or his death anniversary. Num-nums went with us for the first time and she showed me how really smart she was. She didn't run around unlike other dogs and she always
walk beside me without a leash. I'm so proud and happy to have her. :> It was really hot that day but fortunately the caretaker built a tent in Papa's grave. I didn't mind that it was hot because I love going to cemeteries(HAHA i'm weird) and I really missed Papa.  


'Til my next post! :)

Kussen, Nico☺

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  1. this post is really sweet and touching.

    totally heart the L-O-V-E sign. im sure he (ur dad) feel ur love sent from here.