Sunday, December 26, 2010

Recycling fashion.

From an old pair of shorts into a nice messenger bag.

While my mom was fixing some old clothes to give away, I noticed
a cute pair of printed shorts. So I asked her who owned it. She said it was hers when she was pregnant with me. It is special and cute :D

So I decide to make it a bag! 

The pockets are still there. HAHA
I forgot to take a picture of the shorts. :| So stupid of me. =))

My lola (Tagalog for grandmother) altered it and made it a messenger bag. It's fun to have relatives
who knows how to sew things. My lola makes dresses and stuff. 

Used magic tape instead of zipper and buttons. 

Added some gray fabric on the strap.

The details of the shorts/bag

Hope I inspired you to recycle your old clothes and make it into something new and chic! ♥

Kussen, Nico ☺


  1. congrats to pamela for being chosen as a finalist at jane's art contest :) (what's weird was that i had this feeling that you're from UP FA. FA people are amazing, i have tons of friends there :) )

  2. Hello! :D Yes, me and Pam are from UP CFA :)
    Thank you!
    Kussen, Nico ☺

  3. "So I asked her If who owns this. It was hers during the time that she was pregnant to me. It was special and cute."
    It should be:
    So I asked her who owned it. She said it was hers when she was pregnant with me. It is special and cute.

    Embarrassing. Im from UP CSSP and I dont want to be associated with people who bravely lay out unedited and grammatically incorrect posts as this.

  4. Hello! :D I'm sorry if my grammar is not that good. Thank you for correcting us! :>

    And sorry if you're embarrassed to be associated with us. Happy holidays! <3

    Kussen, Nico

  5. good one artsartorialens!

    saw your entry in jane's contest! it was fab!!!!


  6. Thank you Krystel Gayle! :)
    Yes, my blog partner Pam is really amazing. Thank youuuuuu :D

    Kussen, Nico ☺