Saturday, March 5, 2011


These works are by my boyfriend Dean. Sorry, correction, it's MISTER Dean.haha
Check out his awesome works on his site here; and his tumblr here.:)

Joker inspired by Sam Keith's Arkham Asylum: Madness.
This was done in gouache on watercolor paper.
A mere picture doesn't do it enough justice though. It looks more awesome in real life.

Bunnies VS Robots Sneaks
Left shoe.
Right shoe.
These were done in acrylic and marker, on my previously pink slim Chuck Tailors. These are way way better than plain PINK chucks!

 These were a christmas present last 2009. Done in acrylic and marker, on a pair of dark blue Vans sneaks.

 That's me! With my old bob, thinking of dark chocolate.haha

 Close up on cute Edward Scissorhands.

dP. Our initials.
If you'll notice, dP is just the same when you flip it upside down. That was inspired from one of my favorite books, Anna Davis' The Shoe Queen. The initials of the main character (Genevieve) and her lover's(Paolo) were put on the heels of her shoe. Ever since I read the book I've always wanted a Paolo Zacchari of my I have one.:>

Bisou bisou!


  1. i am blown away by these shoes! amazing! :)

  2. Thank you! :) Check out more of Dean's works here on

    Kussen, Nico ♥